Additional Tools

Multiple Lender Capability

The ability to originate loans and produce documents for multiple lenders provides added options for your business. Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) find that Loan Producer lets them originate loans in their participant credit unions names, thereby offering a private label option.

Import Loan

If purchasing loans from brokers or correspondent lenders simply import the loan using the 1003 file import program built right into Loan Producer.

Loan Data Export

Loan Producer offers several options to export loan data in a wide variety of popular formats. In addition to automatically imaging all the built-in reports into Radstar, Loan Producer offers options to save the data produced in the reports in multiple formats including Excel, CSV and XML. The create 1003 file program built into Loan Producer can also be used to export loan data into other applications.

Electronic Document Delivery

Improve speed and lower your document delivery fees by electronically delivering documents using your secure email system or a third-party document delivery company. Since all your documents are stored electronically in Radstar, it is simple to select your documents and send them all at one time.

Address Book

Store all your business associates, such as your appraisers, real estate contacts, insurance agents, title companies, tax authorities, employers, etc. in a central address book. Automatically populate your business associate information into the applicable fields eliminating duplicate data entry and increasing data accuracy.

Superior Navigation

Loan Producer utilizes a very easy Windows Internet Explorer type menu system making it easy for users to navigate around the system with just a couple of clicks to find out the information they need. In addition, a popular right click option at the bottom of every loan screen makes it easy to access other loan screens.

User-Defined Help

In addition to an extremely detailed built-in help tool that explains virtually the entire system, a user has the capability of creating user-defined help. Hit the help function key on any field you’ve defined and select from the available options. This will help ensure accuracy and that all your data is consistent.

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