Cost Savings

Investment in Technology

Loan Producer provides the most cost-effective, highly efficient mortgage loan origination system on the market today. Our customers realize substantial savings through a modest investment in software and hardware and extremely low ongoing maintenance costs. Don’t be fooled by a low upfront cost solution that claims to charge you only for the loans you originate. Calculate a three to five year total cost and compare that to the FICS Loan Producer solution cost and you’ll agree that it doesn’t even compare. When you automate with Loan Producer your cost is fixed and controllable.


With all the automation and efficiency tools available in Loan Producer, you can be confident that your employees will spend less time originating, processing, tracking, underwriting, closing and selling loans. Those lower labor hours directly equate into immediate cost savings. Let the system work for you.

Paperless Origination

We all strive to be good stewards of our planet and FICS does so by providing you with the ability to be as paperless as you desire. Go Green! No need to waste paper during the loan cycle. A complete electronic loan file including borrower documents and system generated loan documents and notes is easily passed from one department to the next. Your pipeline tracking is easily accessed through the My Work List tool or reviewed in electronically stored reports through Radstar. Display documents to your borrowers automatically through LPOnline or transfer documents electronically to your closing agents. The savings in time, labor expenses, printing, paper and storage costs all contribute to a higher level of efficiency and profitably.

Document Preparation Fees

Control your doc prep fees and create your own origination through closing documents. Invest those savings back into your company instead of paying a doc prep vendor and you’ll soon find your company growing and profitability increasing.

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