Multiple, easy-to-use calculators enable your origination personnel to assist and educate your borrowers finding the absolute best product and rate available. The fixed interest rate, multiple rate and mortgage comparison calculators allow you to create side-by-side comparisons and even produce amortization schedules for your borrowers. The affordability analysis calculators let your borrower know exactly how much they can truly afford. Debt consolidation, refinance, and the rent vs. buy calculators give your borrowers the numbers and information they’ll need to make wise financial decisions.

1003 Loan Interview

The 1003 loan interview allows for quick and easy loan boarding. Your loan product default parameters and closing costs automatically populate into the loan creating the quickest loan boarding system in the industry.

Import Tool – 1003 or Custom

The flexible import tools built right into Loan Producer allow you to import loan and borrower information from any source including web applications, your bank or credit union core system, your favorite lead tracking system or other point of sale software systems. If the data exists in an electronic format then don’t waste time typing it in, import it.

Loan Product Selection, Loan Eligibility

The optional Rules OnDemand business logic module allows for automated loan product selection and loan eligibility. Create your own customized qualification and eligibility rules for both internal lending requirements as well as for your investors. Qualify both borrowers and properties based on your own customized underwriting standards. Unique eligibility sets of rules can also be created for either private investors or GSEs.

 Interest Rate Lock

Locking loans is as simple as entering a lock date. Status triggers update the status of the loan automatically moving the loan through the pipeline.

Flexible, Powerful Loan Plans

Loan Producer has the flexibility to support virtually any mortgage loan product on the market. Flexible user-defined loan product plans store the necessary default and qualification parameters. Loan officers simply choose which loan plan the borrower desires and the system populates not only product information, but the costs associated with the loan, along with the appropriate origination and closing documents. Loan originators love the speed at which they can originate a loan. Loan processors are presented with a high quality loan file ready for processing. Underwriters are ensured the borrower and loan product match. Closers enjoy knowing that the closing costs and appropriate documents are ready for review.

Loan Notes

Store the borrowers’ story and loan notes to share with your processors, underwriters and closers in the memo tool.

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